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Doctoral studies

In accordance with HG 681/2011, Ph.D. studies represent the upper level of university studies which aim to develop human resources competent for conducting scientific research, capable of entering the highly skilled labor market. They consist of training, through research, the necessary R & D and innovation skills and, at the same time, represent a professional research experience, completed by a doctoral thesis and being conferred the title of doctor.

The Institute of Chemistry Timisoara of the Romanian Academy, as an institute of the Romanian Academy is an authorized research unit (ICA) to hold doctorates in the academic system for the doctoral supervisors who opted to drive doctorates in the academic research system, which were approved admission places, by the decision of the Presidium of the Romanian Academy.

Ph.D. advisors

C.S. I, Dr. Chim. Otilia COSTIȘOR (Chemical sciences)
C.S. I, Dr. Chim. Eugenia FĂGĂDAR-COSMA (Chemical sciences)
C.S. I, Dr. Chim. Ludovic KURUNCZI (Chemical sciences)